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Port Vila cat

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View of Port Vila from flight 486

Erakor Island in the foreground with the harbour and Iririki Island at top right. The town centre also top right Posted by Picasa

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Melbourne Immigration Museum - Pacific Islander Festival

A special opportunity to celebrate with Melbourne’s Pacific Islander communities.

Enjoy music and dance performances, storytelling, basket weaving, woodcarving, a tapa display, children’s activities and much more. Details here

Vanuatu spiders are big but not dangerous

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Paradice Serve

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Warm rain again

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Horse riding at Erakor beach

You can arrange this through Club Hippique. The tourism blurb is on target when it says: "For those who want to explore Vanuatu in a different way, Club Hippique Adventure Park offers exciting and new tours on horse back through tranquil rainforests, romantic sunsets and a rare opportunity to meander through a crystal blue watered white sand beach on horse back. Tours include: Erakor Beach Day Tour, which is really an easy ride for anybody to enjoy a horse-back cruise through tropical rainforest and along the shores of a pristine white sand beach, completed by a BBQ lunch on the beach. The Honeymoon ride is an escorted evening trail ride for two. Wine accompanies the ride along with spectacular views and sunset lagoon frontage. The Rainforest ride takes you trekking through tropical landscape with tour guides who provide fascinating information about the native flora and fauna as well as local custom stories. This ride culminates with a swim on horse back in the refreshing lagoon. If all sounds like a must, contact Club Hippique Adventure Park, PO Box 1206, Phone (678) 23347, Email: lenakel@vanuatu.com.vu" Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Community road block on Devil's Point road

Initially these impromptu roadblocks can be slightly alarming but they are mainly to do with localised disputes about land and rarely affect tourists  Posted by Picasa

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Wedding at Tamanu - in the warm rain

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Weddings and honeymoons should be arranged through Honeymoon Vanuatu

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Main street on a wet day

It rains in Port Vila. On average 20 out 28 days in February Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Organic beef

Truly excellent beef is produced in Vanuatu, so make sure you have a steak there. It's exported but not always easy to obtain in other countries. Weekend trips from Noumea, by its French residents to Tamanu Beach Resort in Vanuatu are often about the food and particularly the beef. Posted by Picasa

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Port Vila Today - one year old

Check out some of the early photos on this daily photoblog

Inside the Vanuatu Cultural Centre in Port Vila

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Working trucks

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