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Vanautu Cultural Centre

Mask from the the Vanuatu Cultural Centre's collection.
According to Otago Museum in New Zealand - "In Vanuatu, society was based on a ‘grade system’ that involved advancement through the ranks. This was a lifelong process with spiritual power being attributed according to grade. Generally, only men were included in this grade system that involved the making of and performing with masks."Posted by Picasa

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Retired from Club Hippique, with owners expecting third foal soon Posted by Picasa

Australia 'must welcome Island workers' - Yahoo! Australia & NZ News

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Australia Day

Click here to visit Melbourne and here to visit St Kilda in Australia Posted by Picasa

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Daewoo - FSO

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Flower market

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Downtown Vila

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Champagne beach development

A delegation comprising the Minster of lands Maxime Carlot Korman and the Minister for Finance, Willie Jimmy will be touring Santo this weekend to put finishing touches to the establishment of the Warwick 5 star hotel at champagne beach.

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Picture courtesy of Vanuatu tourism

Picures of Vanuatu beaches

Vanuatu has many coral, white sand and black sand beaches

British beach

A Vanuatu village family has rejected offers by developers to buy the only white sand beach close to capital Port Vila, deciding that the idyllic beach and a unique coral ‘blue hole’ swimming spot should be available to everyone. More here

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Returning home

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Coral beach on Erakor Island in Port Vila.

Erakor Island Resort is one of Port Vila's and Vanuatu's many interesting resorts

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Victoria Bitter VB

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