Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Message.......

The Daily Post newspaper in Vanuatu carries free messages every Valentines day, it's a nice touch and brings in dozens of messages.


Michael Blamey said...

Thanks Glenn - ah nostalgia!

Anonymous said...

Hey Glenn thank u tumas I love these messages. Jenny g

Anonymous said...

There is truth out there.
Tell us about the vesion or a version of who started poetry secion in Post..
Was there ever a message to Cole Paterson in 2003 by SFS?

Who knows what SFS stands for?

Is it true That that person ended up sending Educational Books from Australian Liberaries there?
Are there any books from those educational places in any where there?

I seen the ones in Soloman islands, PNG and New Calidonia.. Are there some in Vanuatu?