Sunday, June 01, 2008

Corner store

From Port Vila Today


Barry said...

Island time eh, Michael? How're things in Port Vila? We spent a lot of great time there a few months ago, The Waterfront Bar and Grill stands out along with Mele, Hideaway and the Seven Seas Brewery/Saloon. You lucky people.

Neva said...

What an interesting collection at the corner store! nice.

Tash said...

Great entry for theme day. I browsed thru the whole site and really got the sense of the place.

Anonymous said...

C’est très jolie chez vous ! Un très joli petit site! Je l'adore !
This is a verry nise plase!

Il y a des singes, chez vous?

ZiZi, la petite.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Johnny, mon petit ami, c’est de l’eau, ce n’est pas de pipi, en bas!


Benjamin Madison said...

Love the light in this photo and the collection of people.

Bergson said...

a good light
i like this child who listen his mother

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I'm sorry in advance for my English..
It's a few months that i read this space but this is my first comment here.

It's a beuatiful all the others!!

I'd like to visit Vanuatu!! It's my dream!!

Hi, from Venice, Italy