Sunday, October 21, 2007

Heading out!

Heading out through the Lelepa-Moso gap on our way to Monumont Rock - what a perfect day!


alaya said...

i love the simplicity and the colors in this phtoto :)
the blue against the orange is so contrast..

Anonymous said...

Winter has begun to set in on me here, so your pic was a welcome to my day!

Massage Chair

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that beautiful photo of Havannah Harbour Terry. We were having our wedding in Port Vila on the very same day and it was pouring with rain!
We had to change the venue from the intended beach to a little hut which then became the reception area an hour much for impressing the rellies.

They all still loved the place in general anyway...well those that stayed on for the week did at least.

We love the place in rain, shine or earthquake...but that could be because we've only experienced little ones (earthquakes that is)

Thanks for your daily dose of Vanuatu from a couple who are still trying to work out a way to relocate there permanently.

Advise is welcome :)

Anyway, great photos...thanks.