Friday, June 29, 2007

Vanuatu's Only Pirate

The Yacht Cassiopeia - Home to Vanuatu's only pirate - Harold


" JNuno ® " said...

Beutiful photos and nice blog

Bergson said...

Which happiness to come by sailing ship on your island

I found the place of my next holidays

Anonymous said...

Hey Harold! AJ here (dreaddie camera guy, met u in Villa recently)... made it back to NZ but lost you email... im
drop me a line if you get this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pirate and Layla,
Its Jess from OZ i was on holidays with my mum and two other girls Ang and Prue in January when we met.. Hope all is well, We sent Layla a birthday present.. Did she receive it?? We hope she enjoyed them.. Talk soon Jess, Jodie, Ang and Prue