Tuesday, June 26, 2007

International Kite Surfing Challenge

The Imere 2007 International Kite Surfing Challenge was Vanuatu's first such event and was held on the peninsular near Hideaway Island on the 23-24 June. It was a great success with riders from Vanuatu, Australia, New Caledonia, France and New Zealand participating. The spectator turnout was fantastic with hundreds of people showing up on both days to watch the competition and other activities being held in conjunction with the event. Australians Andy and Keahi took first and third places (Andy winning a flight with Air Vanuatu to return and defend his crown next year), and Sebastian from New Caledonia took second place. A big thanks from John Abraham and Thomas David to all the sponsors, the riders, and all the helpers from Mele in making it such a great event.....look out for next year!

(More photos tomorrow)

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The small picture looks like a girl who lost her top. I am sure that is incorrect. That was just my first impression.

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