Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Zanda Store

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Steve & Deb said...

My wife Debbie and I found your blog by chance and have enjoyed looking at it for the last few weeks as we get ready to head off your way at the end of September. It's really given us a good insight as to what to expect. We will be flying to Fiji then sailing your way for sometime around the begining of October. Any "can't miss" sights or Islands to recommend?
All the best,
Steve Kempton
SV Kinetic
Vancouver Canada

Michael Blamey said...

In no particular order:
Have coffee/breakfast at Nambawan Cafe
Take a boat from Sola to Mota Lava and Mota
Take a boat from Ambae to Maewo (Stay at Samason bungalows and see/eat the water taro)
Go to Epi (Rob Crapper's place)
Ride a horse up the volcano on Tanna
Eat the chocolate cake at Hideaway Island
Have Sunday lunch at Tamanu Resort
Go to the Anchor Inn on a friday night
Drink Tusker beer
Wash in a river
Drink kava at Ronnies nakamal at sunset (important but once is enough)
Buy something by Aloi Pilioko
Read http://vanuatuatoz.com to get a sense of available options (eating places will have changed a little and will need to be talked about, possibly while you're at the Anchor Inn or over coffee)

Nathalie said...

We have Peter's ice cream here in Sydney too, I'll have to try and get a photo so we can compare...

Anonymous said...

Wow, bright blue store!

Steve & Deb said...

Thanks for the hint on what to do while in paradise!
Yes. that would be good to meet up for a coffee.
Looking forward to visiting your end of the world.
Steve kempton