Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cars can have a tough life in Port Vila

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Zina said...

Hi, I was bored- just randomly searching blogs and I came across your St Kilda Today blog with a picture of an old friend of mine Mark Power who I thought I saw in Vanuatu this January but I wasn't sure, Then I found you have a Port Vila today blog... what a coincidence sort of.. My family live there- My dad is Tony Deamer- he's been there for 30 something years. If you live there you must know him. I live in Japan. Small world!

Michael Blamey said...

Mark's a friend - he's in Vanuatu at present but ws back in Melbourne for a while He'll be in Melbourne again in a few weeks for a wedding I think - I'll let him know where you are

Zina said...

It would be great to get in contact with him. I'll be in Vanuatu in May/June so I'll track him down then, if I don't get in contact with him before. Thanks.