Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bus and pig

The red vehicle is a bus (you can tell because it's number plate begins with a "B") and the pig is probably alive and off to a custom ceremony. "Pigs are like money and still play an important role in Ni-Vanuatu culture. They’re used in traditional ceremonies, in trade negotiations, and marriages. They are presented to the wife’s family after the birth of the first boy. They are used as a gesture of peace with the tusk from a pig’s head being used as a symbol of remembrance. Pig tusks are also made into armbands and bracelets, which can also be found in jewellery stores in town. A beautiful example of a pig’s tusk is at the Museum and Cultural Centre. The tusk was presented to Queen Elizabeth who in turn donated it back to the Museum for the people of Vanuatu. Ceremonial pig killing is part of custom and should be avoided if the occasion arises and you think it may not be a pleasant experience. It certainly isn’t for the pig as the dispatch is very rarely immediate. Tusks are represented symbolically in Vanuatu’s flag, currency, Air Vanuatu’s logo and on Tusker beer labels." Courtesy of - P is for Pigs - Vanuatu A to Z Posted by Picasa

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The background to these pictures are fantastic and very informative. Thank you